Customer Reviews

  • Ange Ong

    Awesome product! I no longer need to worry about unsightly saliva stains on my pillow.

    Product: Comfy Max pillow protector

  • Fei-Ying Chen

    No more hassles! No more worries! We love your Comfy Max range. Would highly recommend for families with potty training children!

    Product: Comfy Max mattress & pillow protectors

  • An Ngo-Lang

    Thanks for your speedy response and delivery. The mattress cover fits. We will be purchasing bunkbeds and mattresses for our children in a few months and I will contact you for more waterproof mattress covers. Good luck with your business venture.

    Product: Comfy Max mattress & pillow protectors

  • Mr & Mrs Lee Peterson

    Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with your mattress protectors. It’s very practical & useful. We should have known your products earlier. Thanks Comfy First!

    Product: Comfy Basic & Comfy Max

  • Kathrine A. Van Bremen

    First of all, we didn't want a bulky mattress protector that would change the feel of the very nice mattress we had just bought. And we didn't want something that would make us sweat, crinkle, or any of the other annoying characteristics generally associated with mattress protectors. We have found ourselves to be so pleased with your mattress protectors that we have purchased one for every bed in our house. Well worth the cost!

    Product: Comfy Max

  • Mary Loo, mother of two

    I purchased a new mattress and wanted to protect it from the occasional accident my daughter has when she’s not feeling well. Recently she had 2 accidents and I pleasantly surprised to see that not only was the urine fully absorbed, but the waterproof backing of the mattress cover really did the job. The product is great!

    Product: Comfy Max

  • Siew Wan

    I like the untreated terry; soft & light! A product that does what it’s supposed to! Thumbs up!

    Product: Comfy Eco

  • Ace Chua

    Would definitely recommend this product! Its so easy to use, very comfortable and my pillows always smell fresh!

    Product: Comfy Max pillow protector