Comfy Basic

Comfy Basic
Comfy Basic Comfy Basic Comfy Basic Comfy Basic

Ever notice yellowish stain patches that develop on your new mattresses and pillows? These stains are result of moisture from sweat and other kinds of contaminants trapped for a period of time. The humble mattress can only do so much for comfort and that is why we recommend that you take full advantage of the features found in our waterproof yet breathable mattress protector.

Comfy Basic Waterproof Mattress Protector offers a simple yet cost effective solution to these problems and gives back the quality sleep you well deserve! This product range is made with 100% Polyester knitted fabrics. It offers smooth finishing bonded with waterproof compounded surface. With our range of sizes available, it will wrap around your existing mattress perfectly. Putting on and removing the mattress protector is an easy task with the help of elastic bands all around it.

Comfy Basic is our basic range that does the work while still working within your household budget.


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